The Diet of a Male Entertainer

Dreaming of a lean and mean body? Yes the male entertainer who got the best body shape attract more girls, in return earn more money.  The fitness, healthy body, bright appearance is the key for a stripper or topless waiter to perform choreographic moves every night. We are not talking about Hugh muscular man! All girls don’t like big guys.  It’s all about an amazing body for those entertaining moves.

First of all, you do not have to settle for the body shape you were born with! Scheduled training with a proper diet could build your body to your dream shape you always admire. The hunk look could be built along with a proper gym schedule and dedication. Do cardiovascular exercise for a trim waistline. Build your muscle mass, but not too much. Do not forget to train your legs too as otherwise you’ll be a tall story with well build muscles holding on by thin legs.

Increase water intake and reduce alcohol. Water does wonders, it helps out to maintain the balance of body fluids & control calories. Whereas alcohol is a diuretic and it contains more calories.

Settle in to a food diary, this will help you to control the calorie intake and check your progress. Pre designed schedules don’t help out everyone, food diary will help out to identify what’s working for your body. Reduction of animal fats and high fat dairy products helps out to maintain your shape, take your fat intake from fresh fish or almonds, and take off fat from your steak and the skin of chicken to diminish animal fat intake.

Get your proteins right as body utilizes proteins to repair and build tissues as well as to produce enzymes and hormones. Eat plenty of fresh fish, nuts, seeds, low fat dairy products to ensure you look striking all the time. Don’t forget fiber, it reduces blood sugar, cut cholesterol and helps out to maintain your shape therefore Eat plenty of corn, beans, brown rice, spinach, broccoli and cauliflower. Reduce added sugar foods, many carbonated drinks, and chocolates as it adds calories to your body without any nutrition.

Most importantly, take a good care of your skin, get rid of body hair. Girls don’t like gorillas. Even its expensive, laser treatments are the best method to get rid of hair eternally. Use skin moisturizers if you have dry skin. Smell good, keep your body odor right to be much more eye-catching and you will get more attention from girls and get more business with a shimmering career.

November 13th, 2015 by