Walk-In Clinics
April 28th, 2016 by donatelifehi

Getting sick on vacation is possibly anyone’s worst nightmare. Blame it on typical vacation behavior – staying outdoors for too long, gorging on the wrong kinds of food and drinking too little water – people commonly fall ill when on holiday. You should be especially cautious when visiting any of the Sun Belt cities, where sunshine is abundant and activities are far too many. Don’t let the holiday health-woes bog you down while having fun under the sun. Knowing where to go if you suddenly feel under the weather will help you get back on your feet sooner. No matter which of the southern states you are visiting, help is at hand in the form of walk-in clinics in south Tampa and other popular tourist destinations. Wondering what is so special about these medical facilities? Here is an overview:

What Is a Walk-In Clinic?

Be it migraine or tummy bugs, you cannot actually call them medical emergencies, yet they can tie you down to the bed when you should be out on the beach. When you are on vacation, naturally you don’t have immediate access to your family physician. Walk-in facilities are designed to help you out in these situations. They offer you the most cost-effective health care options that you can avail on short notice.  As such, it is for all people – children and adults – who need immediate medical care at a pocket-friendly price.


Treatments for a Vast Array of Non-Emergency Medical Issues

These medical facilities offer treatments for an extensive array of minor medical issues that don’t require the examination by a specialist. Some of the health conditions that are treated in these clinics are:



Insect bites



Muscle pains

Stomach upsets

Cuts and bruises

Burns and strains

Infection and rashes


Access to Doctor during the Non-business Hours

Walk-in clinics usually remain open when regular doctor’s offices are closed. If a minor issue arises during the late evening hours or during the weekends, instead of panicking or rushing to the highly expensive emergency facilities, simply locate a walk-in clinic in the vicinity and get proper treatment. The convenience of being able to see the doctor without an appointment is something that not only appeal to the vacationers, but also to the professionals who have to work late hours and parents trying to calm down an ailing kid.

Whether Carrying  Insurance or Not, Walk-Ins Offer Affordable Health Care

Walk-in clinics generally accept health insurance plans, which means you have to simply shell out the co-pay – the fixed part of the payment for a covered service – when you receive treatment at the clinic. Fret not if you don’t have any insurance because these clinics are less expensive than an emergency room.

Diagnosis on the basis of Lab Test

These clinics are also equipped with laboratories. Immediate tests facilitate rapid diagnosis, and this is what allows them to deliver comprehensive care to their patients.

Before You Visit A Walk-In Clinic

If you want to opt for a walk-in clinic, first find out a few details like:

  • Does the clinic accept your insurance?
  • What is the approximate waiting time? Sometimes, due to sudden influx in the numbers of patients, the clinics may not be able to get you in touch with a doc. The point is lost entirely if you are made to wait.  So find out how long you are expected to wait, so that you can opt for another center if required.
  • Find out if the clinic has on-site X-ray, blood test and ultrasound facilities.

If you happen to visit Tampa and fall sick, you may check out the nearby walk-in clinics in south Tampa. But, if you are in any other part of Florida, don’t worry, because the state has more than 800 walk-in clinics. Choose one with high patient recommendations (check online ratings). Quickly go through their website or make phone calls prior to your visit to make sure that the clinic has the facilities you are looking for.

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