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Anavar is considered as anabolic androgenic steroid. It is also called as oxandrolone. While buying anavar it is important to check for the country of origin and the source. Being an anabolic steroid, Anavar can results in many adverse reactions and side effects mainly on hormone levels.

But athletes and bodybuilders experience side effects like organ damage, hair loss and acne only in case of improper use. Among this the risk of hair loss needs special attention.

Anavar Effects on Hormones:

The main reason, why Anavar comes with hair loss is that, it can affect the androgen receptors in the body. When it comes to oral steroids using an anti-DHT drug, Anavar is the very common among synthetic anabolic steroids. Legally these synthetic anabolic androgenic steroids are produced in the laboratories mainly for medical treatments.

But now a day’s these are also produced in the underground labs to sale in the black market. Anavar being an anabolic steroid available only through prescription. When the user is not provided with prescription they will look for black market products.

Anavar and hair loss: A knowhow
Similar to other anabolic androgenic steroids, Anavar comes with many adverse reactions and side effects. Among these the most common and dangerous one is hair loss. Other side effects are persistent, frequent, painful erections and worsened acne.

Masculinizing and virilizations are the two common side effects found in women. Other than this it may also cause acne, menstrual irregularities, hoarse or deeper voice and enhance facial hair growth.

Changes in skin color, vomiting, nausea, and headaches can be experienced by both the sexes. These are the side effects listed for using prescribed Anavar. But along with these one can find lot of reports on hair loss caused by Anavar. Experienced athletes and bodybuilders may suggest combination of other drugs with Anavar to prevent hair loss. They also claim that there will not be any such side effects when used responsibly. But experts don’t agree with this. Side effects can be experienced even with responsible use.

It is important to look at scientific journals, drug manufacturer’s information and reputable resources, when getting information on hair loss effects by Anavar. One more thing in anavar is mainly used to support therapies to prevent destruction or damage to protein or catabolism. This condition may have resulted from long term use of steroids like corticosteroids mainly to treat asthma.

Many reports and websites claim that it is a myth that Anavar results in serious hair loss issues. They also say that, it may be happened to those users, who are already suffering from male pattern baldness. But one thing to remember is there is connection between hair loss, testosterone and the drugs which mimic the functions of testosterone.

A condition called androgenic alopecia is definitely related to androgenic hormones. This condition can cause complete or partial baldness. This is mainly linked to a hormone called dihydrotestosterone, which is responsible for the maintenance of sexual development and male characteristics.


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