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Make a habit of always wearing sunscreen since it will make your tan to last longer. Any darkening of the skin shows that sun damage has occurred. Before going for a spray tan, you should consider scrubbing and ensure that you choose the right scrub since the oils in a scrub can cause the tan to run off. Use an exfoliating mitt and do not apply lotion afterwards, Spray tan sticks best to dry skin.

Take a look at the salon and ensure that it is well ventilated and has a ventilation fan, which will immediately suck away the overspray. Make sure that the walls are clean and ask for an LVLP (Low volume, Low pressure) machine which will ensure that you do not inhale the overspray. You can also request for eyewear and nose pieces. Wear a bathing suit, bandeau top, thong or nothing when getting your spray tan. The men should wear boxers, briefs, swim trunks or a sock.

Brush your teeth before going for your appointment since you do not want the water to run down your arm leaving a streak or leave a white ring around your mouth. Shave 12 hours before the spray tan, shaving immediately before the appointment may cause the product to irritate your skin. When you shave, the new skin is exposed and will react with the spray tan causing redness and discomfort.

A spray tan does not affect your melanin in any way therefore; there is no need of getting a base tan. You can use a lightweight sunscreen to help you protect your skin and your tan. Spending hours in a chlorinated pool will take off your tan since chlorine is bleach. You might have to reduce your swimming after getting a spray tan and pat yourself dry after getting out of the water.

Your tan fades depending on how fast your cells turnover and has nothing to do with the product. If you are young then it means that your cells regenerate faster therefore, your tan will not last. To help prolong your tan ensure that you keep the amount of moisture your skin is exposed to minimal. The moisture in body butters and heavy lotions can cause your tan to fade faster, instead consider using lightweight lotions and moisturize when it is necessary.

Keep your tan for about one and half weeks then remove it and get a new tan. Spray tanning on the top of the old tan will cause you to look patchy and darker in some areas. In case you get a bad tan and you want to remove it, run a warm bath and add some shower gel, soak for an hour and use a mitt to exfoliate. The water will rinse off the tan since water breaks down the ingredients of your tan and loosens the skin.

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