Spinal therapy with Detensor
February 16th, 2016 by donatelifehi

Treatment of osteoarthritis with physical therapy in medicinal practice used extensively enough. This is because of the benefits of this kind of therapy that functions on the site of the problematic. Treatment physiotherapy has no contraindications and side effect. Physiotherapy with osteochondrosis aids to activate blood flow, decrease in the affected region swelling and infection, to get to work revolution muscles, release tension and pain.

The Detensor-therapy is that underneath the effect of the weight of the body is the spine extending. The process is performed on a distinct mattress or Mat. The spine is vigorously unloaded and dragged together with deflection of the rib. Shock wave therapy is over the use of acoustic wave that act on the affected tissue. Using this technique can achieve stimulation of the reproduction of collagen as well as decomposition of calcium, in addition to dropping chronic inflammation.

One of the diversities of physical therapy is laser therapy, wherever the therapeutic effect could be attained by using the power of coherent and one-color light, which touches the affected area, dropping pain to providing anti-inflammatory plus healing effect. Electrotherapy is the use of electrical current. As a consequence, eliminates the uneasiness, and reduction pain. The impact on the affected part is a variable or else constant magnetic arena of low frequency is named a magnet. It inspires the healing process, offers the affected regions with nutrients plus oxygen. Additionally, there are approaches such as vibration impact (using mechanical vibration), ultrasonic impact (usages high-frequency sound waves), and ultraviolet irradiation. The latter process can be used as an auxiliary.

Spinal therapy with Detensor

Spinal Therapy with Detensor Products, Physical therapy is suggested depending on the phase and characteristics of the disease. You cannot, for instance, its use in the advanced stages. Treatment is separately determined only by the attending doctor.

Traction therapy has been accepted global. Traction is definite as stretching which might be applied as a technique of healing in definite diseases. Anglo-american writers interpret traction as the most significant therapeutic technique in the treatment of lumbalgia plus lumboischalgia. Continuously it deals with the antique extension method with resulting uneasiness and psychic stress to the patient in addition to especially to the geriatric patient postponed by the legs or else the neck.

The Detensor-System for long period traction therapy of the whole spinal column was developed in 1980. It has been used effectively since 1982 under the exclusion of pressure to the patients. The system contains of a mattress and a treatment mat for thorough treatment. The traction mattress grows an addition force of 5-10% of body weight. To attain this, the patient must be located horizontally on the mattress without being strained by straps plus weights. The horizontal location of the patient throughout numerous weeks made it likely to achieve sturdy traction therapy. The frequency of turning is reduced by about 20%. Visual observations of patients show that the torsional movements might vary significantly in severe cases underneath excessive pain. The addition force of the therapy mat quantities to about 18% of body weight as measured by distinctive instruments

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