What They Don’t Tell You About Living In Southern California
March 9th, 2017 by donatelifehi

Well, you won’t regret living in Southern California as the place is immensely beautiful and the weather is pleasant near the ocean. It is all in all a great experience. But, you will certainly find it a little foolish to stay here as the place isn’t sustainable anymore and the quality of life is degrading. The high taxes, immigration issues, high housing expenses, rise in crime, lice infestation issues and poor legislation make it difficult for the people to survive. The ideal fantasy of California has become more like a distant memory and the degradation has taken place psychologically, morally, politically and culturally.

In fact, you’ll find it discomforting when people talk about how they love to stay in California and the reason behind it will be its pleasant weather. California has witnessed the steepest decline in the standard of living in the country. Housing, lice, immigration and taxes are some of the major factors for the decline. California has been a desired place to reside for native Californians as well as other states, but this is no longer the scenario. However, all this is not completely true as you do have happiest residents in South California because they are either aware of the San Diego lice problem and terrible changes or they aren’t aware of it at all.

A large number of people are fleeing this place and it has become a much talked about topic even in the news. Here are some of the points which they don’t tell you about living in Southern California.

  1. The people of California are naughty

Okay, this isn’t something new! People of California are flaky. It may just not be your friends. Even if you’re in the market to purchase something, people will flake out on you. People will try to show commitment, but in reality, they will never live up to your expectation.

  1. The legislation of California is funny

With 725 new laws and none of them meaningful, what do you expect! The recent years of the Californian government has been worse. Right from climatic change rules to doubling the legal energy effectiveness requirements, there has been so many rules and regulations.

  1. The education system of this place is simply awful

The education level of the place has drastically fallen 19% from 2008 to 2013. Around 16.5% of the total population of state is K-12 pupils. In comparison to the other states California students rank poor in the performance standards.

  1. The crime rate is increasing in California

Not all the places here are unsafe. But, San Francisco, Los Angeles continues to worsen. The crime is rapidly spreading and the areas are degrading. The crime rate of San Diego is literally going out of hand. Violent crime, property crime and weapon violations have shown great rise.

  1. Lice problems for the people

The place isn’t lice free. Whether you visit the beach or come into contact with a lice infected person, you’re bound to get infested by it. The San Diego lice problem is a big issue to deal here.

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