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Healthcare industry is changing day by day with newer innovations happening every now and then. Ensuring better health and wellness to all, medical scientists are working across the globe to find newer ways to cure diseases and bring forth new medications. Stem cell treatment is a new concept in treatment of chronic diseases, which is expected to have a huge significance in the coming years.

Stem cell therapy

Stem cell treatment comes under the specialty of genetic medicine. The basic concept behind stem cell treatment is to cultivate new cells in a laboratory setting from preserved healthy cells of the same individual or identical donors. These newly cultivated cells are used to replace damaged cells. This innovative technology had received a lot of attention and acclamation from scientists across the globe, and is considered to be one of the biggest inventions in biotechnology.

The stem cells involved in this treatment are immature cells, which can grow into other types of specialized cells in the body. These immature cells can grow into organs like heart, lungs, and liver etc. in a laboratory. There are three major types of stem cell treatments developed so far as;

Allogenic – in this, the cells are taken from the same species.

Xenogenic – cells are extracted from animals of other species.

Auologous – considered to be the best mode of stem cell treatment in which stem cells are taken from the same person and there is no chance of rejection at all.

Typically, in stem cell treatments, the cells are injected in to a body part where there is any kind of cell damage. On reaching to the target site and under ideal environment, these cells grow and natural healing takes place. It is believed that almost all diseases considered as incurable now can be treated with stem cell therapy.

A classic example is brain cancer as with traditional medicine, the survival rate of brain tumor patients is lesser, but stem cell treatment enhances survival chances. Stem cell therapy can reduce the size of the tumor and prevent rapid spread. There are successful results of stem cell therapy on treating cardiovascular diseases, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease, vision impairment, to even missing teeth

It’s rebuilding

As we know, cells are the building blocks of the human body, and the scientists now believe that the stem cell treatment findings can unveil the mystery behind aging too. With the advancement happening in this specialty, some scientists believe that they may ultimately succeed in reversing the effects of aging with stem cell treatment and help people live longer.

Stem cell preservation

Aiming at the future scope of stem cell therapy, there are many stem cell preservation banks also started across the globe. These labs focus on preserving stem cells from the umbilical cord during childbirth itself to preserve it for the entire life span of that human being. At any stage when they need to undergo stem cell therapy for any chronic disease conditions, healthy cells can be extracted from these preserved parts, which may cure any irreversible cell damages.

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