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A Pharmacy Technician is a position that is necessary to the aid of a pharmacist in the dispensing of prescriptions to the patient. Most will be familiar with this person in the retail such as your local pharmacy or attached to your grocer, department store, or a chain drug franchise. However, they are also found working in hospitals where there role is not exactly the same .

For the similarities, all pharmacy technicians will assist the pharmacist in dispensing drugs, only upon the Pharmacist direction and approval. The may never under any circumstance give patient consultation. As the pharmacy technician is integral in the operations of any pharmacy, in both the retail pharmacy and the hospital, they are responsible for making sure that customer prescription data is properly inputted in the computer system. Their duties also include filling prescriptions and proper labeling of the bottle. The pharmacy technician is also responsible for the compounding specialty medications, which is the mixing of two or more drugs. Inventory management is the responsibility of the pharmacy technician and receiving and processing payments.

In a hospital setting, the Pharmacy technician can be either outpatient, where the patient picks up the medication upon discharge. If the setting is inpatient, it is not likely that the pharmacy technician will actually see the patient. This is not a rule, as some hospitals have the pharmacy technicians make rounds on patient’s floors. Interpreting of medical orders will be necessary for accurate dispensing. They will be trained to include extensive pharmacy calculations.

Due to the improvement of technology the inpatient automatic medication dispensing for patients, along with the proper IV solutions, is performed by a pharmacy technician. This requires special training in addition to what is known as aseptic techniques.

In a hospital setting, the pharmacy technician will have to take phone calls and answer inquiries from a multitude of sources. These include the patient, the nurses, other hospital staff, and even the attending physician.

As described here, the career of a pharmacy technician is rarely uneventful, and always rewarding. Knowing that you have played a significant role in the health and well-being of other people will create a strong sense of pride in one’s career. To begin your pursuit and investigation if this is right for you, please go to Pharmacy Technician Certification.

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