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In this recent era, many people are suffering from different eye problems, and this is very common to the people who are in their mid-40s. So different technologies are invented by the scientists to get rid of of these problems, and one of the most efficient technology used for eye treatment is laser surgery. Basically, this laser surgery can help you to reshape your eye cornea properly, and it can also be used for clearing the front area of your eyes. So this surgery can be very much useful if you are nearsighted, farsighted and also suffer from astigmatism because by clearing your eye it can guide the traveling light to your retina and thus you can be able to see properly again. But if you want to do this laser surgery, then you must follow some safety rules; otherwise, there are many risks which can cause severe problems to you.

Laser Surgery Safety:

Though this surgery is very easy and in the world over 35 million people have undergone this surgery, but there are no surgeries you will find where the percentage of risk is zero. There are safety measures which you should take care of before undergoing this surgery, and these are mentioned below.

  • Firstly though this surgery looks very easy, but it follows a complex process. So you may face problems during the operation when your eye surgeon opens the flap. If it is not open properly then it can also affect your vision permanently. So you should always go to those doctors who are very much experienced in this field.
  • Normally the best vision term is used to define your optimal degree of vision which you can get by using glasses or contact lens. It is very much rare, but you can also lose your best vision after this laser surgery.
  • Again, you can find different side effects after this laser surgery like fluctuating vision, dry eyes, glare, etc. You may have a problem with your night vision, and sometimes you may see halos around different objects.

Risks Of Laser Surgery:

There are no surgeries in the world which are totally risk-free. So this laser surgery has also some risks. Though these risks are very rare, but you should know these before undergoing the laser surgery treatment. The several risks include problems with night vision, infection, and constant dry eye. Sometimes doctors also suggest for re-treatment if the problem is not cured at the first attempt.

  • Firstly, you may notice infection in your eye, but this problem is found very rarely. This problem can be easily solved by the doctors if you take proper medicines and eye drops.
  • Secondly, the most common problem which most of the patient come across is dry eyes after the operation. This is not a very serious problem as this can easily be treated with different eye drops.
  • Sometimes people also face different problems regarding the night vision. Because during the surgery, the tissues of the eyes contain a high amount of water, and those can create this glare. But if you take the wave front treatment, then you can easily get rid of this problem.


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