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I was a bit shocked the other day. In fact I was more than shocked, I was actually frightened by an article I had read in the Mail Online about the dangers of smoking. In fact the article was more specific and I shall give you some background information on why I was looking at the article.


Goodlites – premium e-cigarettes

Three years ago I was a smoker and I had a heart attack. Smoking had always been ‘part of my life’ and to be honest, three years later and I still miss it. However despite the existence of premium e-cigarettes I had decided to go completely ‘cold turkey’ and from the day I had that heart attack to today, I have not had a cigarette. Have I wanted one? Yes. I will be honest and for those of you who are struggling to remain a non-smoker, let me say that if I can stop, you can definitely stop as I have what is medically referred to as an ‘addictive personality’. By that I have a propensity to become easily addicted to things. In the past I gambled more than I should and drank more than I should. With those and smoking, let’s say I found life expensive. However while I stopped the gambling and drinking 10 years ago without too much problem, I couldn’t stop smoking.

This last couple of months I have found myself missing smoking a bit too much, and I early made the fatal mistake of buying a packet with the intention, albeit naïve of only smoking three or four cigarettes a day. However I have also become a little more cautious these days and so I decided to ‘Google’ “Can one cigarette kill you?”

It seems the very simple answer is yes, and the news gets a lot worse. If you have had a heart attack, one cigarette could literally lead to a second fatal one. How? Because one cigarette thickens the blood and this can restrict flow if you have a narrowed artery you are not aware of. If you have had one heart attack, chances are your arteries are not going to be in perfect condition!

I did further research and discovered that if you start smoking again after stopping, having had a heart attack, your chances of having a heart attack are five times greater than if you remain a non-smoker. That was all I really needed to read.

As a consequence, my thoughts immediately turned to premium e-cigarettes and in particular Goodlites as a friend of mine had given up smoking and used a Goodlites premium e-cigarette to help him get past the cravings. One of his main reasons for choosing Goodlites was because they were one of the closest e-cigarettes to look like a cigarette and that he appreciated the psychological boost it gave.

Yes, smoking an e-cigarette is not the same as smoking a cigarette, but it certainly helps fill that void left by having nothing in your hands and nothing to draw on, let alone the withdrawal symptoms from a lack of nicotine. And if you don’t believe me, well why not start with a trial pack from Goodlites at just £6.95?






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