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In terms of anatomical structure, kennedy square Brampton is sure that you are curious and want to know what a tooth really looks like. Well, every tooth can be divided into three main parts:

  • Tooth crown
  • Tooth neck
  • Tooth root

Tooth Crown

The part of the tooth that is visible is called a tooth crown. The crown covers the tooth enamel. There are five different areas of each and every crown of the tooth and they are:

  • Vestibular surface – the surface of the teeth that touches the cheeks and the mouth
  • Tongue surface – the surface of the teeth that touches the tongue
  • Distal surface – the surface that allows contact with neighboring teeth
  • Biting surface – the teeth surface used for chewing

It may sound complicated, but it is not. Teeth have a very simple and easy to understand structure. Depending on the type of teeth, the chewing surfaces have bumps and pits that are intended for chewing and cutting food.

Neck of The Tooth

The neck is the part of the tooth where the enamel and the cement of the root canal meet, so according to that this part is usually called the enamel – cement junction. Physiologically speaking, this part of the tooth cannot be seen because it is covered with tissue.

The root of the tooth

The root of the tooth is the fragment located in the jawbone. It is completely covered with cement. The size of the tooth root depends on the size of the tooth. The frontal teeth have only one root, while other teeth have two and three roots. The material of the roots is very important when it comes to reparation of teeth. It is important to keep it healthy in order for each treatment to be successful.

Histological structure of the tooth

From a histological point of view, we can divide teeth into four parts:

  • Enamel
  • Dentin
  • Cement
  • Pulp


The enamel represents the hard part of the tooth and it is the part that keeps our teeth healthy and protected. It consists of materials and elements that make it very hard and resistant to different kinds of acids we enter with food. The enamel covers the whole tooth.


The dentin is the largest part of the tooth and has almost the same composition as the enamel. It is consisted of tubules and when they get irritated it can affect the sensitivity of the tooth. The color of the dentin is yellowish and gray. The difference between enamel and dentin is that the dentin is produced during our whole lives.


The cement is another mineralized tissue that is very similar to the bones in our body. It covers the top part of the teeth and has a canalicular structure.


The pulp is the only soft tissue of the tooth. It consists of blood vessels, fibers and cells and is surrounded by dentine.

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Don’t wait for a dental emergency to select a Dentist in Santa Barbara, CA. It is continually better to have one, preferably for your entire family, so as to you could get consistent check-ups and furthermore have somebody who knows your entire dental history in case of an emergency. Here are few things that you must consider while you are selecting a new dentist.

The Location

The place of the clinic is very significant since if it is located far away, you are fewer likely to go for your routine examinations. Find somebody who is adjacent to your home or else office. This way, it would be easy to stop by for check-ups as well as get there on time without having to skip work. You must also check the functioning days of the expert. If you could only make it on Sunday and they do not work on that day of the week, it might be better to ponder the other choices.

The Cost

Knowing the price estimates before is very significant since you do not want to be hit with an enormous bill later. First, discover whether the clinic admits your insurance plan. If your plan covers recommendations that are prepared to a professional, discover if this dentist would be able to offer you the recommendations. You must also ask the over-all costs of communal dental services like filling, crown, etc. If you are trapped without insurance or else if it doesn’t cover the whole price of a procedure, you must be capable to pay for the respite on your own.

Emergency Care Service

Emergency care service are very significant since you do not want to be running to a consistent emergency room in the mid of the night if there is a problematic with your teeth. Confirm that he or else she would be easy to access at all times of the day and night and offer emergency treatment if essential.

Dentists’ Credentials

Beforehand you start your treatment, check if the Dentist in Santa Barbara, CA has all the essential credentials to be practicing as well as if he or she has a legal license. You could usually check this online or else at the local dentist society. Their workplace must also be capable to give you info about their training plus qualification.

Personal Coziness

Even if the dentist could tick all the other boxes, particular comfort remnants the most significant of the lot. You must be able to tell your dentist all your indications and answer every question contentedly. If you feel terrified or uncomfortable about the person or else around their workplace, you will not be capable to get the finest treatment. You must be comfortable asking even whatever you feel are the most trivial questions without feeling anxious.

For patients, it is significant to search and find merely the greatest dentist. In doing so, one is certain of the uppermost standard of treatment alongside enjoying exclusive experiences. Consequently, take time in deciding the clinic or else dentist as excellence matters a lot.

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