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July 18th, 2016 by donatelifehi

SCULPTRA has arrived in the web at first with a big marketing and advertising campaign, but recently have gone to the traditional promotional pack: with a decent corporative website and a hotline phone number, when all women with facial problems and mainly, with the desire to get their faced restored from the so called shaggy effect, can call and make an appointment for consultation. This is why at first, millions of women have thought that SCULPTRA seemed to be the next parody in facial lifting products…However, the reality seems to be completely different today. And SCULPTRA is actually more than a product of a global marketing promotional campaign, because today, the reason why so many women are indeed, obsessed by SCULPTRA procedure hides in other truth. And the truth is that this therapy works. It shows results quite fast and it is more than a well-advertised product of years of studies and tests. Indeed, the SCULPTRA procedure in Singapore has gone through all the necessary and official tests to show that the results of its treatment are indeed very positive. See what SCULPTRA in Singapore actually does and why it is the newest women`s obsession:

  1. Singapore’s Aesthetic Clinic called Cambridge Medical Group presents The Liquid FaceLift also called Sculptra a procedure with artificial influence on your epidermis, but with 100% natural process of restoration of the epidermis. How come? Well, the reason why it works so well and why it shows permanent results, is that the therapy makes your own face to produce new cells, as well as to make the old and damaged cells to heal, themselves. The Cambridge’s Liquid FaceLift uses SCULPTRA procedure is made to stimulate your own collagen production, so in this therapy you are not injected collagen of organic or non-organic procedure, you get your own skin “motivated” to produce its own collagen. And this process takes some time to get its final effect! Amazing, isn`t it?
  2. Sculptra can correct shallow to deep facial wrinkles and folds that appear with aging, by replacing lost collagen. None of the doctors from cosmetic surgery departments today can promise you such a lifting procedure that can be applied on all of the facial parts (including at the same time at two or more facial zones, the cheeks, the jaw and etc) and to show amazing results. But Sculptra can do this and it does it really, really well!
  3. No-pain procedure! This Singapore-based procedure is mainly that innovative and well proclaimed among the whole world due to one important social effect: it hides no risk or pain for the patient. And we have all seen and observed how thousands of women have gone under the knife causing themselves really bad hurting procedures, painful recovery therapies and processes. As a result of this lust desires so many wanted and applied to themselves, people from all over the world just screamed “Why the heck are they doing these things to themselves?”. And many surgery clinics actually were closed, because it turned out that their procedures are not only painful to hell, but also risky for woman`s health. Today, Sculptra shows an alternative no woman and no socially engaged person can disapprove or deny to be effective. Because Sculptra is painless. And it does not include any additional therapies for faster recovery. Your face will recover itself the way it has healed itself, the way it got stimulated to produce its collagen to normalize its tight form and shape!

We are really happy to know that this time women from all over the world have chosen the risk-free obsession and did not decided to make anything, on any cost just to be beautiful. Because Sculptra is the alternative that worth it and that hides no risk for you, girls!

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