Bariatric surgery
February 29th, 2016 by donatelifehi

Bariatric surgery is considered the most effective and durable treatment for severe obesity. By using bariatric surgery, patients may lose as much as 70% of excess weight six months after surgery. On an average, five years after the surgery, patients can maintain more than fifty percent of their excessive weight loss.

Recent studies have found that bariatric surgery can stop, improve, or resolve all types of obesity related problem or health conditions including type-2 diabetes, certain types of cancer, cardiac issues, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, joint pain, and deficiency in sleeping.

Apart from helping patients in long term weight loss, it improves the overall health and longevity. Bariatric surgery can even improve the quality of life by increasing mobility, self-esteem, efficiency to work, and social interactions. Bariatric surgery can also reduce depression and anxiety of an individual.

Long Term Weight Loss Success:

Bariatric surgery is so popular since it results in long-term weight-loss treatment. Most of the recent studies on bariatric surgery say that more than 90 percent of patients previously affected by serious obesity related problem are successful in maintaining 50% or more of their excess weight loss following bariatric surgery. Among the patients who are affected by severe obesity, more than 80% are capable of maintaining more than 50% excess body weight loss.

Improves Longevity:

According to the recent studies, the individuals that are affected by severe obesity and who have bariatric surgery have very low risk of death than people affected by obesity who do not have surgery. Another studies found up to a 90% greater reduction in mortality throughout a 5 year observation period for people who had bariatric surgery when compared to those who did not. The death rate for bariatric operation is also very similar to that of a gallbladder removal and considerably less than that of a hip replacement. Therefore, in regard to mortality, the benefit of surgery far exceeds the risks.

Bariatric surgery is mainly intended for people who are minimum 100 pounds or more overweight with a BMI of 40 or greater. It is effective for people who have not had success with other types of weight loss treatment. It works better in conjunction with proper diet, exercise, and medications. In some extreme cases, an individual with a BMI of thirty-five or larger and one or more co-morbid situation may also be considered for bariatric surgery.

Some Important Considerations:

Bariatric surgery is critical and should only be performed under the supervision of an expert doctor. This treatment should not be considered until the patient and the doctor have explored all other important options. There are some specific considerations that one should keep in mind when undergoing a bariatric surgery. First, bariatric surgery is not any form of cosmetic surgery and it doesn’t involve the removal of fat tissue by suction or any surgical removal. Before undergoing bariatric treatment, you should discuss the benefits and risks of the same. Finally, when undergoing bariatric treatment, you should commit to long term dietary and lifestyle changes.

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