Natural Parvo Cure Guide

Natural Parvo Cure

Parvo is a contagious disease affecting dogs and cats. The virus is spread easily from one affected pet to another. The virus is not so dangerous, but the water loss and dehydration makes it a killer disease. The immortality rate reported due to parvo is 90% and all due to massive loss of water and nutrients from the body which was not replaced within time. You can cure it naturally with home remedies for parvo at home.

The early signs of parvo are your dog become extremely lethargic withholding his gut in, in an unusual position. Noticeable weight loss due to a loss of appetite, diarrhea, and vomiting. He would display signs of discomfort due to pain in his abdominal area.

Avoid it

The best way to treat this disease is to prevent it by timely getting your dog vaccinated against it. This impact young pups who are less than six months in age. Even if the dogs are treated once, they need a booster every year to keep them safe. Avoid your dog to come in contact with other dogs until they are completely treated, or you are sure the other dog is treated and is not a carrier of the virus.

Avoid public or open places which you think can be infected. In case you are visiting a place like a vet or some dog parlor where other dogs are also present keep your dog either in your arms or resting on your laps.

Parvovirus is a virus that cannot be cleaned or killed easily with water and standard sanitations like soap and shampoos. They need to be cleaned with strong disinfectants like bleach and acid. The virus itself have a life of around a year. So, if you think the place you are visiting is not disinfected with a strong disinfectant and other dogs might have visited the place, or the place might have been infected with the virus then do not let your dog get exposed to such places until he is fully vaccinated.

In case you or other members of your family are getting in contact with other dogs then you should change your clothes, shoes and clean yourself well before you play with or treat you unvaccinated dog.

Keep your dog away from all the places and people and dogs where he might get the virus until he is completely protected against it with proper vaccination. This is a highly contagious fatal disease which can even kill your dog, so precaution is the best medicine.


In case your dog is found suffering from parvo, first alienated him in a room to avoid it affect other pets in near vicinity, as it is extremely contagious. Then keep your dog clean and keep cleaning his feces to prevent him or any other pet getting affected by the virus again. You should wear leather gloves and boots while you are curing your pet or while you are cleaning the vicinity.

Natural Parvo Cure


One of the reasons why the virus impacts the dogs and causes them to die is side effects like diarrhea and vomiting which flushes out all their body water and nutrients, and they lose their appetite to put these nutrients back. One should keep giving their dogs hydrating elements like electrolyte water to keep them hydrated and functioning.

To make electrolyte solution add a half tablespoon of salt and two tablespoons of sugar to a one-quarter liter of water and keep feeding this to your dog after every time he vomits or passes the motion.

Salt gives them the essential salts like potassium and sodium which are required for the proper functioning of one’s body and its vital organs.

Sugar keep the energy level and glucose level of the body which gives your dog the necessary energy to keep functioning while he is fighting with the virus. It also boosts his immune system.

Water re-establishes the water content in the body which is lost due to vomiting and motions.

Colloidal Silver

Once a dog gets affected by parvo, it’s an expensive attire to bear the hospitalization expenses and sometimes that even don’t help. There are many home-based remedies at your reach which you could use to cure your dog. One of them is colloidal silver. It is widely available at the pharmacies near you.

Colloidal Silver reduces the oxygen supply to the virus and thus suffocates them to die. It results in early recovery of your dog.

You can mix the prescribed amount of colloidal silver into their wet food and mix it and give it to your dogs or else just use a spray bottle to spray the colloidal silver into their dry food before they eat it. You can also feed it directly to the dog through a syringe. Fill the syringe with some colloidal silver solution and feed it into your dog’s mouth.

Activated Charcoal

While colloidal silver takes care of the virus and electrolyte fills your dog back with lost nutrients. One can use activated charcoal dosage to get hold of diarrhea and vomiting caused due to this disease. You can mix one tablespoon of charcoal with electrolyte and give it to your dog every two hours initially.

The activated charcoal can be given to the pet in any form of a solution. Just mix one tablet of finely crushed activated charcoal to a glass of water or some energy drink and feed it to your dog every thirty minutes. This is also helpful in treating their gastrointestinal tract from any kind of infection including parvo. You can see result from day one. Your dog’s condition will start improving, and he will show signs of activity and health.

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Where to Get Them

All these ingredients are widely available at your local pharmacies or a general store near you and would help you avoid the high cost of hospitalization of your dog. These are known to be better cures for the dogs then getting them treated at a hospital that is by changing their fluids. Every dog owner should be aware of these symptoms and treatments.

What to Feed Your Dog While He is Ill?

While the medication works its way to heal your dog, you should also pay attention to what you feed to your dog and how often to keep him healthy and well nutrition. This disease often attacks their digestive system and makes it weak. So, food which is light on the stomach and easy to digest should be given when your dog is recovering.

One need to pay full attention to their dog while they are suffering from this disease. He needs to be watched regularly and appropriately medicated and rehydrated while he is going through this cycle.

Preventative Measures

Parvo can be avoided by keeping a clean vicinity. Sprinkling pesticides in the garden area and pathways to keep it virus free is one thing you can do to stop this virus from spreading further. You must visit a vet after your dog is cured to ensure that he do not have any traces of virus anymore. You must keep your dog’s food dishes, toys and water bowl clean and tidy. If some other dog has come to your house, try to know that he is fully vaccinated before you let him play and meet your dog. Meeting and other gestures are important but not at the cost of your dog’s health.

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