Keep Yourself Healthy: Learn from the Elders in Japan

Reaching your golden age is probably one of the most feared things that many people are scared of. Aging is associated with weak and fragile frames and possible loss of memory.

Aging doesn’t have to be that horrific. There are so many senior citizens in Japan that will attest to that. Aside from its rich culture, Japan is known as a country full of senior citizens. In fact, it is believed that the Japanese elders are the happiest elders in the world. They live longer than any seniors in many other regions.

The elder population of Japan is comprised of citizens that are ages 65 and above. There are many elders compared to their younger nationals. And in Japan, they are the most respected people wherever you go. There are many reasons as to why Japan’s senior citizens live longer than the average senior citizens in other countries.

It is believed that since many of these elders live in one house with several generations looking after them, they are kept young by spirit and wise by age. They are well taken care of both physically and mentally.

Another reason for Japan’s high senior population is that they have very strong community bonds. These senior citizens are not kept inside their houses. Since their health is in good shape, they can take walks to the park.

Some of them have great social lives even at 90 years old! Japan’s local parks are usually packed with senior citizens socializing with one another. And because their opinion is valuable, they remain active members of the society.

With Japan’s modern technology applied to their healthcare, it is natural to expect that their citizens have better patient care. Aside from technological advancements that help them with their health, Japan’s senior citizens also keep themselves relatively healthy by drinking tonics. One tonic, for instance, is a mixture of garlic, aloe vera, honey and turmeric. They mix this with their liquor. This mixture should be taken before bedtime.

Their diet is also one of the factors for their life longevity. Fish is very rich in EFA or essential fatty acids which is incredible if you want to keep your heart in its best condition. And because their food staple mainly revolves on seafood, they get more EFA from their diet compared to an average American diet.

They also eat a lot of vegetables as they are known to grow their own greens in their backyard. Aside from fish, they eat a lot of soy too. Soy is a protein that is low in calories and fat. This kind of diet helps any individual keep their cholesterol and weight at bay.

There are numerous research studies that proved that remaining active even at an older age can contribute to a longer life span. The Japanese are people who believe that they will work as long as they can. This is why there are even 75 year-olds who are still working.

There are so many things that you can learn from the elders in Japan. Drinking natural tonics or eating a lot of fish may not be something that you can do, but you can try their alternatives.

You can eat healthier than what you do now. Also, taking vitamins and other natural remedies can help too. You can take health supplements that guarantee natural ingredients that won’t do harm to your liver. It is important for you to start planning your retirement so that you can enjoy the remaining years of your life – and you should start by improving your health.

March 30th, 2016 by