Is jewelry safe during the course of pregnancy?

jewellery for pregnant women

To embark on a vision that wearing jewelry during the course of pregnancy, is an extreme measure. It must be stated that hormonal changes during pregnancy, can have a huge role in how the body can react to everyday items. This does include metals along with various forms of jewelry as well. Some of the common metals which are used in jewelry are gold, silver, stainless steel along with platinum. In case of most women there would not be any cases of skin reactions, while others may find the necklace or rings to cause some form of irritation.

Hormonal changes are bound to happen during the course of pregnancy and it does have an impact on the reaction power of a pregnant lady. In case of some women there might be no change on the skin patterns during the course of pregnancy and they are able to wear any form of jewelry during the fetal gestation, whereas in case of others the reactions start pouring in the earlier stages of pregnancy.

Jewelry for pregnant women has quite a number of considerations to be taken into account. The only concern which a pregnant lady has to be concerned is when it comes to the question of fluid retention. Overnight a pregnant lady can swell and the finger, toes and the feet can go on to retain the fluid. This means that the ring may not fit which may work out to be a major cause of concern if jewelry is not removed before a point when the swelling reaches a point when the ring cannot be removed.

In the case, if you have body piercings, they are likely to remain for the entire duration of the course of pregnancy. A point to be considered is that if you have piercing on the belly, then it needs to be removed during pregnancy so as to avoid any issues which may spring up in the event of your belly expanding during any stage.  The jewelry is made from plastic and it expands as the waist is about to expand. If you have any form of genital piercing then remove it after the course of your pregnancy.

In case of nipple piercing it can take place during the entire duration of pregnancy, but after the birth woman who tend to have nipple piercings, may wish to remove the jeweler so that the baby is able to latch on to it. There is a strong chance of the baby swallowing a piece of jewelry it is place and the baby is breastfeeding.

During the stages of pregnancy, skin reaction to the metals is not only the point of concern. If the fluids are retained in the body, the fingers can go on to swell. This form of problem is all the more common in the last stages of pregnancy, but this is not the sure shot rule when it comes to all types of pregnancy.

Whether or a lady decides to wear the best jewelry for pregnant woman, if any form of medical intervention is needed during the course of pregnancy then whatever jewelry is worn has to be removed without any second thoughts. This may include the traditional earnings or any form of modern piercings which you might have undertaken at the same time.

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