Important Things To Know Before Entering Detox For Addiction

A Guide to End Addiction

If you’re currently battling a drug or alcohol addiction, you may be contemplating entering a detox program. Detox can be a key component in the fight against addiction. In many cases, it can give a substance user the chance to start over without suffering through an extremely uncomfortable detox. Often times, when a substance user attempts to detox at home, they can not deal with the side effects of withdrawal and use again to feel “normal.” Detoxing in a proper facility can be life changing, but there are some key things to educate yourself on before entering a detox program for addiction.

Effectiveness of the Detox Program

Some detox programs will get you clean in a week. This means no drugs or alcohol will be left in your system. It’s important to know whether or not the detox program uses replacement drug therapy, which essentially is when a detox give patients prescription pills during a detox to aid the withdrawal process. Another form of this is when a patient is prescribed prescription pills for aftercare to help deal with cravings. A common drug patients are prescribed for aftercare is suboxone. For someone with a highly addictive personality, this could be extremely dangerous. It’s a good idea to ask a detox if this is used in their program as an aftercare solution. An effective detox program will have you completely drug free in 5-10 days with no need to continue to use any type of drug moving forward.

Medical VS Holistic Detox

Another good question to ask a detox is the type of treatment they use. Some programs are strictly holistic and avoid the usage of medication completely. Other programs are fully equipped with physicians, round the clock nurses, cardiac monitoring and the use of intravenous medications. Historically medical detox programs are safer and more effective. During any type of detox from drugs or alcohol, it’s very important for your vitals and cardiac state to be constantly measured to ensure a safe detox.

Locations Of Detox Vary

Detox locations can vary greatly, from institutions to private detox centers. Be aware, that many hospital detox programs are not private. In a hospital you may be sharing a room. In some instances the detox program is also located in the psychiatric department. Private detox centers can offer more privacy, comfort and individualized care. You can also expect a more upscale feel at a private detox.

Detox Program Credibility

This is an extremely important question you must ask, after all you’re putting your life in the hands of a detox to help fight your addiction. Ask the detox program about their success rate. If a center is boosting a 90% success rate, it probably isn’t as factual as they are leading you to believe. Also it is your right as a patient to question staff knowledge and skill level. Does the detox center use certified physicians? Are the nurses properly trained? Does the center offer emergency services if something unexpected would occur? These are all questions that can be answered easily to assure you that the program is the right fit for you.

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