How This Product Has Changed So Many People’s Lives

It is a fact that there are many different brands and manufacturers of fitness equipment that are out there but not all of them can help users achieve their fitness goals. This is definitely not the case when you consider the product from Schwinn as this machine has helped so many people like yourself who are looking for a reliable method to get the ultimate body. Here are a few things that you need to know about it:

Utilizing A New Way To Give Resistance To Users

Most of the time, stationary bikes rely on magnetic resistors to apply the necessary resistance to the user however there are many problems with this method, namely that users need to constantly adjust the level of resistance when they get tired. That is why the Evo Comp is so special, it actually utilizes air resistance instead of magnetic resistance!

The user is basically free to pedal as fast or as slowly as they want and the level of resistance will vary accordingly. The slower you pedal, the less resistance so this is great for when you are in a workout routine that requires you to constantly change your tempo. You won’t have to stop yourself to adjust the resistance levels then start back up again!

It gies You All That You Need To Be Truly Fit

Comfort is the name of the game where because the Schwinn Evo Comp comes equipped with a very comfortable and ergonomically designed seat. It is wide enough to allow users who are on the big side to sit on it and to exercise comfortably. There is no sense in adding even more injury to your body than necessary and that will not happen wen you are sitting on this product.

The handlebars on this bike are also moveable which gives users the unique opportunity to exercise their upper bodies and lower bodies at the same time! You can keep your legs pedaling at a constant pace whereas your hands can hold on to the handlebars and then move them back and forth to give your body a full and total workout!

It Heats You Up And Cools You Down At The Same Time!

Working out in hot and humid conditions like in your basement or when it’s summer time can be very difficult so that is why users will appreciate the fact that this solution from Schwinn actually comes with a built-in fan. This fan is specifically designed to blow air that is equivalent to how hard you are pedaling.

This means that if you are feeling particularly warm, then you will want to keep those legs pedaling faster and faster for stronger airflow.

November 26th, 2016 by