Exercise To Keep Stress At Bay

Exercise To Keep Stress At Bay

When an individual suffers from depression, anxiety and stress, participating in any form of physical exercise may be the last thing on his/her mind. However, contrary to popular belief, if the possible to motivate that person, exercising regularly can be a catalyst in reducing the symptoms of such medical conditions. While the public are aware that regular exercise helps in the reduces the risk of a number of health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders and arthritis, many people are ignorant of the psychological advantages of exercise to reduce anxiety. Many experts from the medical community also advocate that physical exercise is a catalyst in keeping depression, stress and depression at bay.

The hectic and sedentary lifestyle that most people lead, leave them with no plans and very little inclination to take part in any form of exercise to keep fit. Many of them complain of having to deal with pressures of maintaining their domestic and profession life that result in anxiety and stress. As this stress and anxiety continues over a long period, the symptoms of depression begin to appear in these people. In this situation, unique and tailor-made fitness programs like The Brian Ferdinand Quantx program are a boon for people suffering from the depression, stress and anxiety.

The competent health and fitness experts of the above program emphasize that regular physical exercise assists in reducing the depression, anxiety and stress in many ways, which include:

  • Release of neurotransmitters, endorphins and endocannabinoids, which members of the medical fraternity refers to a ‘feel-good’ brain chemicals that eases the symptoms of depression;
  • Reduces the immune system chemicals responsible for increasing depression; and
  • Exercise enhances body temperature that has a calms patients suffering from depressions, anxiety and stress.

The experts of this unique fitness program go on to explain contrary to what many people believe, exercise has the following psychological advantages that many medical specialists acknowledge. These are:

  1. Helps individual gain confidence

When an individual achieves his/her fitness goals or overcomes the challenge of reducing his/her overall body weight, exercise can boost that person’s self- confidence;

  1. Removes worries from a person’s mind

Exercise is that ideal distraction for many people and helps them to break the vicious cycle of negative thoughts that are breeding ground for depression;

  1. Social Interaction

Exercise, sports and other forms of physical activity gives people the opportunity to interact or socialize with others. Even occasional greeting or exchanging friendly smiles go a long way in enhancing a person’s mood.

  1. Healthy strategy to cope with depression

Exercising regularly is a healthy way to cope with depression rather than smoking, drinking alcohol or dwell on how miserable the sufferer feel, which only enhances the symptoms of depressions.

Stress, depression and anxiety can have negative repercussion in a person’s body and mind but unique health and fitness programs that the Brian Ferdinand business team conducts can a catalyst in improving the sufferer’s moods and confidence. Such programs go a long way in dispelling the signs of depression, anxiety and stress.

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