Dental hygiene tool-PerioTwist

There is a new dental hygiene tool making some serious buzz in the health and oral care space. The bright team behind PerioTwist–a revolutionary new dental cleaning product–realized that flossing is uncomfortable, inconvenient, and all too often ineffective, but cleaning the gum line and in between teeth is essential. The bacteria at the base of teeth has been linked with tooth decay, gum disease, strokes, and heart conditons, increasing the need for a device that effectively cleans this area. They decided to find a better way to clean the cavity-prone space between your teeth without the hassle.


Their solution to this universal problem is PerioTwist, a reusable tool that allows you to clean the difficult to reach spaces between your teeth with unprecedented precision and comfort. For its health benefits and ease of use, it is already garnering a devoted following amongst dentists and customers alike. But the fact that the PerioTwist is reusable means that it also is more economical than floss and more environmentally friendly. The Kickstarter crowdfunding effort for PerioTwist exceeded the goal by over 300%, emphasizing the demand for an alternative to flossing. This product could be the future go-to device for cleaning hard-to-access dental areas.

We’d also love to tell you more about the professional and talented team behind this innovative dental product and share more information about “PerioTwist – A Future without Flossing” with you! Please check out their campaign page

September 15th, 2016 by